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big sky land for saleBig Sky is still a developing community and Montana itself is renowned as America's last real frontier. The Big Sky land for sale allows you to channel that frontier spirit and build something that is uniquely you, from the fertile depth of your imagination. The wide open acreages available throughout the different areas of Big Sky come in an entire range of sizes from just a few acres in more developed areas, to large expanses of untapped wilderness just waiting to be tamed. It doesn't matter if you prefer skiing to hunting, or hiking to fishing, there is a piece of this wide open community for you. Come explore this land of opportunity and allow Big Sky to show what you what true freedom can be and live the dream in Big Sky!

Check out the available Big Sky land for sale below, or learn more about the adventure that awaits you in the community's undeveloped corners.

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Expansive Big Sky Properties To Make Your Dreams Come True!

The state of Montana is the 4th largest in the United States, yet it rank 44th in terms of population. With just over 1 million residents in total, the population density comes to less 6 people per square mile. This really puts the wide open spaces of Montana and the Big Sky properties into perspective. This may be one of the last true frontier communities that survive in the United States and the wide open lots and beautiful panoramic vistas have become irresistible as investment internationally and within the United States is continually climbing.

Big Sky Homesites: A World-Renowned Outdoor Playground

One look at Big Sky's bounty of natural wonders is enough to understand what makes this land so prized and sought after. Big Sky homesites lie near the expansive and beautiful Gallatin Forest, a pristine and virtually untouched tract of protected, publicly held land. It's great expanses like this that ensure Big Sky and Montana as a whole maintain a top position as an outdoor recreation mecca. These lands hold nationally and internationally renowned hunting and fishing, not the mention the biggest skiing in America at the Big Sky resort. With this much interest and so much prized land, you'd better get your piece of land soon as development is really ramping up in recent year.

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