Hebgen Lake Cabins

hebgen lake cabinsHebgen Lake truly is a unique corner of southwest Montana. It has a singular history that sets this beautiful man-made lake apart from other lakes in Montana and in this region of the country. The Hebgen Lake cabins provide unparalleled views of a gorgeous lake that features wide-open blue skies and a stunning ring of majestic mountain peaks that ring the northern edge of the lake. The available cabins are also sparsely laid-out, so you don't have to worry about being crammed too close to your nearest neighbor. These cabins provide you the opportunity to really stretch out, take a deep lung-full of the pristine mountain air and swim in the pristine and crisp waters of this fantastically beautiful southern Montana locale.

Interested in a Hebgen Lake cabin? Please check out the below real estate listings, or learn more about the massive natural disaster that rocked the region in the late 1950s, forever altering the natural landscape.

Hebgen Lake Real Estate

Hebgen Lake Real Estate Among a Fascinating History

Hebgen Lake was the site of a significant earthquake that rocked the region back in 1959. The magnitude 7.5 quake decimated the Hebgen Lake real estate but was also responsible for forever altering the natural landscape. The quake created a massive landslide on the north side of the Madison Valley that completely filled the gorge, creating the aptly named Quake Lake as a result. Stories like these only add to the fascinating history of this region and add a brilliant mystique to the natural wilderness that is ever-present in the surrounding Hebgen Lake area.

The lake itself is man-made; it was created with the construction of the Hebgen Dam in the northern section of the lake. The majority of the Hebgen Lake real estate on the lakefront exists in two developments that lie between the Madison and Grayling arms, and just north along Hebgen Lake Road, on the east side of the lake. These luminary lakefront properties provide stunning vistas of the majestic mountain ranges and sparkling waters of the lake but maintain an easy distance from the town of West Yellowstone and the airport, just 10 miles south.

Hebgen Lake Homes for Sale Surround many Natural Wonders

The lake has distinguished itself as a prized vacation location in the region. This distinction provides several rental cabins at various points around the lake as well as 2 campsites at Rainbow Point and Cherry Creek. The Hebgen Lake homes for sale are situated along a waterway that has become renowned as a quality fishing destinations; it's commonly known as the premier still water fishing lake in the state of Montana. You are sure to find a fine range of cutthroats, rainbow and brown trout. Whether you prefer camping or fishing, Hebgen Lake has you covered, with plenty of camping options and a boat launch that lies on the northern coast of the lake.

The Hebgen Lake homes for sale are also ideally situated just minutes from the western entrance the infamous Yellowstone National Park. Visitors come from all over the country to visit the carefully preserved wildlife ranges of one of the oldest protected parks in the world. The lake's position so close to that internationally renowned American institution adds to the region's reputation as a outdoor enthusiast's paradise. These stunningly positioned homes provide ample views of an awe-inspiring landscape and an easy proximity to some of the country's most renowned natural wonders.

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