Big Sky Ranch Real Estate

big sky ranch real estateMontana is often referred to as the frontier state. With the highest number of counties with the frontier designation than any other state, Montana stakes a pretty solid claim to this dubious honor. The Big Sky ranch real estate offers residents a fantastic opportunity to live a lifestyle akin to that of the true frontiersmen of years past. The wide open properties and endless plains shrouded by mountain highlands are absolutely beautiful. If you ask any local resident, your likely to get the same response: The Montana countryside and the Big Sky countryside are best experienced on horseback! The rolling plains and sparse landscapes are both best viewed from the slower, ground-level perspective afforded by the horse.

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Big Sky Horse Properties

A Fantastic Range of Big Sky Horse Property

Big Sky offers an absolutely stunning range of properties that are ideal for the horse enthusiast. The Big Sky horse property ranges from ample lots closer to the Big Sky Town Center, all the way to gorgeous and expansive properties that lie along the mighty Gallatin River, further down the mountain. Whichever degree of that frontier lifestyle that you'd prefer, from total isolation to being able to drop into town for a carton of milk, Big Sky has your preference covered.

Big Sky Ranch Property: Your Dream Come True!

But perhaps you'd prefer to take the lead on making your dreams come true. There are many Big Sky ranch property lots that are available across the Big Sky landscape, including on the mountainside or in the Gallatin or Madison Valley below. These wide open lots range in size from just a few acres closer to some of the town centers to larger expanses of more than 20 acres in the more remote reaches of the countryside. No matter the size of the lot, these properties provide an ideal blank canvas ready to make your wildest dreams come true.

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